09 January 2008

Right... this is just a quick post, as i seem to have some wireless coverage and i'm taking advantage of it seeing as yesterday there was nada... In hong kong at the moment... it seems okay.

Had a few incidents on the path to my arrival here... All week i've been fairly laid back and non-plussed about the whole affair, though it was kinda draining moving house in 40 degree heat on my own. Anyway, i finally got myself happening and ready to leave on monday evening for my midnight flight...

I had to drop the car i've been using (since i sold mine) back with its owner in freakin' Bundoora on the way, so i go to get in, but can't find the car keys... Dither.

Realise that the car keys must still be in my handbag, which is now locked inside my suitcase with one of those combination lock things (my mother is terrified of me getting 'schappelled')... which incidentally is now locked inside the boot of the car.


Find the spare key without too many issues... PROBLEM SOLVED. Kinda.

Try to get into the suitcase though... and the combination isn't working. Mum tried... brother tried... Mars thought they were complete morons, before trying herself and HOLY FUCK wouldn't you fucking know it... it seriously doesn't work. I dunno how i fucked it up, but i did. Suitcase appears irreversibly locked. We are now running a bit late... so the decision is made (after much yelling and hissy fitting in the driveway) that we should proceed, and smash it off when we get to the person's place we were returning the car to.

Get there... lock is smashed off with bolt cutters. PROBLEM SOLVED. Kinda.

So we're now running even later... shit traffic and annoying incidents making me late. Have to zoom past Marge's place on the way to the airport, say good bye to kids and i'm on my way.


For the first time in my history as a traveler, i've opted to take a suitcase on this trip (and let me just tell you... i do feel a bit of a fraud)... anyway, i acquired this suitcase, and it's pretty big, right. So what does one do with a big bag? Well, they fill it, obviously...

And fill it i did. I got to the counter to check my bag in, and the motherfucker weighed in at a hefty 35kg! I was 10kgs over weight and the dude at the desk was not budging. So he goes off for a while and comes back with a gigantic plastic bag for me to chuck 10kg of (my beloved!) stuff into... So i do this, getting crankier and crankier at all the arseholes standing around gawking at me in my hour of need!

So i get the beast down to 25kg, and i'm away. Teary goodbyes all round (out of interest; how old do you have to be before saying goodbye to your mum stops being so. damn. hard.?)

Arrive in Hong Kong 8 or so hours later... have a day of wandering and sooking and a night of sleeping on a damn hard bed, cursing the karaoke i would normally have been embracing, which was happening next door and there you have it. The present!


Mex said...

wow mars you really are a moron arent you?

Mars said...

no... why do you think that?

Adam said...

Whoa! This isn't going to end well...

Amanda said...

I think you're probably just getting the shit stuff out of the way early. It'll be all champagne and frivolity from here on in.

D'Jen said...

Don't they say half the fun is getting there?

Glad you made it to Hong Kong, did you have to sit next to a weirdo on the plane?

Mars said...

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, adam? it's going to end fantastically, with me making/marrying my first million. SIMPLE AS THAT!

amanda... your optimism is appreciated!

and jen, no one to weird, just the standard type weirdos ya know. like me, probably. ps it was totally not fun getting here, so i hope thing improve!!