24 January 2008

Oh England, how did you get the sausage roll so wrong?!

Oh Marsy, why did you have to burn it?!


jiminycricket said...

Oh no.
It sucks. England is terrible at sausage rolls.
The only ones that vaguely resemble a proper sausage roll from back home are the Lincolnshire sausage rolls from Morrisons supermarket.
Everything else is like pastry filled with pork flavoured clag.

Mars said...

Yes! it was horrible. pork flavoured clag is so right. stringy pork flavoured clag even! VOMS!

non-Blondie said...

or sometimes they just have like, a sausage, in a piece of pastry. WTF is that? sausage rolls are not supposed to resemble either sausages OR rolls!