31 December 2007

There's no chicken in Cheltenham!

Today, i made the mistake of coming back from Yarrawonga on the train, rather than waiting until tomorrow and getting a lift back in air conditioned comfort. In true mars form... i'd made up my mind i was leaving, and fucked if any one or good reason was going to stop me.


Picture me this: VLine train... No air conditioning... Packed... Forty fucking three degrees.


Anyway, i made it home several kilos lighter, which is a bonus. So, looking to put these newly sweated off kilos back on, i was feeling a bit peckish (snort) and went in search of chicken, for dinner. Chicken and chips on the beach... i thought that sounded pretty good.


Get this... I went to the Charcoal Chicken up the street and it's closed down. Newspaper on the windows type closed. For good.

Okay... so the next closest chicken would be Red Rooter... so i drive up there, and IT'S closed down too!

Plan C... i drive to Mentone (next suburb over) and go to My Chickadee... CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS.


Resign to fate.

Three letters: K. F. C.

I swore i'd never eat that junk again after i saw that email about how the chickens are all grown with genetically modified steroids to make them have huge boobs and no claws or feathers.

And let it be said... after eating that 'zinger'... i'm just a little scared.

PS... Peace out 2007. I think it entirely apt that we here are Dot and Mars finish the year off on out 299th post. It pretty much sums up the year for us blog-wise... close, but no cigar.


dot said...

Reddy Roast sells chicken, don't they? Or what about just buying a whole roast chicken from Coles? You like that.

Mars said...

Nah, reddy roast doesn't have chicken. they just have beef and lamb and stuff. and i didn't wanna go to coles cause their chickens are 12 bucks, and i wanted chips too.


Martie said...

highett has a new charcoal chicken shop near the corner opposite the station. Looks nice too.

Spose it's a bit late now, though.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year, etc

kiki said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again, those south east suburbs are cesspit... (and yes, i do realise my girlfriend lives there, she knows where i stand)

Mars said...

martie... i don't do highett...

keef... fucking... i dunno... YOU ARE!

Adam said...