08 December 2007

A couple of years ago, when the first fibre-optic chirstmas trees came out, i thought they were totally kitsch and gross.

So i got one.

And each year here at D&M HQ, i've been putting it up. But not in your regular sense of carefully separating all the branches and studiously placing each 'special' ornament in just the right spot. It's more along the lines of ploking the tree in its holder and chucking on the one container of sparkly styro-foam balls, where-ever.

And i think it looks good enough.

Aint it boyoodiful?
Last year (well, this year...) i thought it looked so 'good enough' that i left the thing standing until about February, only taking it down because Dot was coming home later in the week, as i recall.

I can't guarantee the same wont happen this year.

So there you have it... we are 'decorated' and i am 'in the christmas spirit'.


dot said...

what? you didn't put in on the dining table this year?

Adam said...


Original Mel said...

I bought a bright pink Xmas tree this eyar for similar reasons.

You read that right. Bright pink. Tack-o-riffic!