10 December 2007

Not so fly for a…

Usually guys selling their CDs on the subway go for the zombiesque yelling public announcement type sell: ‘Hello everyone! My name is Tylah! I am a rap artist! Today I am selling my CD ‘Hip Hop Hoody’! It is a debut original release that does not glorify drug use, gangs or the exploitation of women! It costs only $2!’ etc…

However, yesterday a young entrepreneur on the train went for a far more personalised pitch.

I watched as he approached each person in the carriage and asked them if they listened to hip hop music.

If the person said ‘no’, the young artist would politely apologise for interrupting them and move on. If the person said ‘yes’, then the young artist would then pull out his discman and suggest they should then hear his new CD. The commuter’s ‘yes’ had effectively committed them to listening to his CD.

I was impressed by ‘Tylah’s’ marketing technique. As he moved down the carriage pretty much everyone who listened to his CD ended up buying it.

And he asked everyone, ‘Do you like hip hop?’ ‘Do you like hip hop?’ ‘Do you like hip hop?’

And then he got to me.

He smiled at me, taking in my…

Skinny jeans.


Duffel coat.

Vibe of complete bland.

…and said, ‘You don’t like hip hop.’

Read me like a book.


kiki said...

Dear Dot,

fab post!
although i don't really have a comment to make. i just want to encourage you to keep posting.

kind regards


dot said...

i try hard.

Horrified said...

Did you see this shit? AND she's a woman.....I think.


Puss In Boots said...

Haha! That's fantastic! What a great way to market yourself.

Mex said...

why on earth were you wearing a beret??? unless youre super cute - then its ok.

Adam said...

Was that awkward?

Like, I don't quite understand... did he take a seat, put you on his lap and then start turning your page-like limbs? It sounds uncomfortable, or was it nice? Crazy kids or similar.

Generic Blog Guy said...

Haha this is a classic. I wonder if he'd do the same thing to me.