25 December 2007

The kiss/hug hello... hiiii-iiiii-iiiiii...! OR goodbye... see you soon!/keep in touch!/stay safe!... mwah! mwah!

I fucking hate it.

The kiss/hug must be abolished from my life. The older i get... the worse it's becomming.


I can't understand why people want to kiss/hug me anyway. I'm a miserable shit most of the time.

And FYI - I can handle a drunk hug ...a good measure of Mars' drunkeness is:
a) if she will tolerate a drunk hug or, more-so
b) if she GIVES one out... <-- uncommon in the extreme.


meva said...

Not giving one!

No hugs FOR YOU!

Mex said...

ba humbug anyone? next time i see you im giving you a slap in the head!