12 August 2007

Yeah. Hi.

Been staying down at my mums since Dot left. And am now in two minds about my future... in particular, my future in Cheltenham. Truth be told, the appeal of Cheltenham was always getting to live with someone i thought rather okay...

And now, i just don't know.

I really want to go over seas next year, but i don't know if that's going to happen... but if i don't go, then i really want a new job and to live closer to the city.

And i'm just not sure of a) which path to go down or b) how it's exactly going to happen.

So i'm trying to save, just to keep my options open and then my friend went and got her hair ioncially straightened. I think it cost about 300 bucks... but it looks really good, and now i want it too, so i don't have to look like a mop anymore.



Dot said...

wow - a crossroads...

getting your hair permanently straightened would save a lot of time manually straightening it. and you could use this time to get a weekend job at Safeways and make more money and move inner city and travel overseas.

it's a win win win situation as i see it.

ps – aw, you called me ‘okay’. i think you’re okay too.

Mex said...

cant you stay at your mums AND get a weekend job? wouldnt that help save you money? or is the parental aspect just obscene?

i must say - if i were you i wouldnt get a weekend job. weekends are awesome. they are SO good for the soul and the happiness and the extra super quality of life. 2 whole days away from work to do what you want and get stuff done and buy heaps of crap you dont need but its OK because its all 30% off at KMart.