02 August 2007

Cue: *groan*

Mars is so sophistocated and professional.

Right. So this is the scenario... I've been off work sick for the last two days and i got a new boss on Monday. New boss = clueless. Me = really smart, though underpaid monkey.

Another really smart, though underpaid monkey, friend and work mate of mine, quit last week and her last day was Friday. Goddit? Fellow Underpaid Monkey was the only one who knew how to do certain functions within the team, right. And now; Clueless Boss Mars has to try to work this out.

Friday afternoon, my Fellow Underpaid Monkey was attempting to show a slightly dishevelled Mars how to do something. I wasn't overly interested... and rather pissed off that my Fellow Underpaid Monkey was not being talked into staying by the Powers That Be. Thus and therefore, i wasn't exactly uh... retaining.. the information she was trying to relay.

Try as i might, it was all too much for an exasperated Mars who in a fit of helplessness, writes 'FUCK!' on top of the report we were working off.

"Uhh... I wouldn't do that" says my Fellow Underpaid Monkey... "Someone might need to refer to that one day..."
"Aw FUCKIT!" slurs says i.

Low and behold... i'm not at work today and get an URGENT! email from Clueless Boss.

"Mars! I need to know where the reports your Fellow Underpaid Monkey used to do are! The Powers The Be want to see them!" Panic at the disco.


Mars, why were you born so stupid?

So i have to make the call to another of my work mates...

"Uh... hey Dude..."
"Mars! Where are the reports?!"
"Yeah... they're in a pink folder on my desk... But there's just one thing..."
"I kinda wrote "FUCK!" on top of one of them"
*amused disbelief*
"I know... so can you like, scribble that out before you hand it over to the Clueless Boss?"
"You're one of a kind, Mars..."



kiki said...

should have just said it was the other person...

if you're so smart, how come you couldn't figure out how to do it?

Steph said...

And I thought I was the only tard in the village! Well done, yaself.

Enny said...

Heh heh - nicely done :o)