22 August 2007

Craigslist Hall of Shame

"So you wanna sell stuff on CL huh??? Well good for you pal. You are well on the way to cleaning out that house and lining those pockets with some spending money! I would even venture to bet that you already have visions of that small fortune you think you're going to make, spent on the next gizmo that will end up on CL 6 months from now at 90% of retail."

This post is dedicated to Marko from Rochester... I feel your pain.

I've been addicted to New York Craigslist the past two weeks. It's a free online Trading Post. I think it started in San Francisco, but has blossomed all over America now. It's like E-Bay only without all those horrible fees, bidding and controls... Yay, America! The land of the free (market)!

I started out looking just
to see what options there are for furnishing an apartment on the cheap when Blane and I move to New York next month... however, my Craigslist experience has since morphed into a zombie car crash psychological thriller can-not-look-away perve into New York City apartment life.

Looking at the furniture listings is to sneak inside the smallest junk filled apartments out there. People have no space, they own way too much stuff... and they have over-inflated ideas of what their crap is worth.

So, in recognition of all these money hungry nuffs I present... The Craigslist Hall of Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the images of things being 'sold' that best represent the greedy idiots of the Craigslist world...

Runner Up - Excessive Junk in Image (Asking $100 for table)
So are the golf clubs included? - Ed.

Runner Up - Excessive Junk in Image (Asking $80 for shelves)
The teddy bears? The fairy picture? Girly, you're just inviting pedophiles into your home with this image. -Ed.

Winner - Excessive Junk in Image (Asking $50 for 'wall unit')
Jesus! A deserving winner! I can't even see what's being sold for all the junk in the picture. -Ed.

Runner Up - Asking too Much for Shit Piece of Furniture ($200 for bed base)
Antique? As new condition? Make your mind up! If people have $200 to spend on a single bed base then they're going to be shopping for something new... - Ed.

Runner Up - Asking too Much for Shit Piece of Furniture ($100 for 'danish style veneer cabinet retro')
You didn't even bother to wipe the dust of the top of the cabinet you piece of shit... - Ed.

Winner - Asking too Much for Shit Piece of Furniture ($150 for 'great couch, great condition')
It looks CRAP! I wouldn't even want to touch it to move it to the street corner. - Ed.

Winner - What Is It You're Actually Selling? ($50 for 'bookshelf')
I guess it's like a magic eye puzzle. Oh, yeah, I get it... a bookshelf! - Ed.

Winner - This Piece of Furniture Comes From A Non-Pet-Free Home ($100 for ottoman)
Not everyone thinks your dog is cute. - Ed.

Great job everyone on making the Craigslist Hall of Shame!
But next time remember, if you actually want to sell your SHIT on Craigslist at least make the effort to present it nicely. Take a good photo of the object - clear lighting, clear background... and for-dogs-sake... no puppies in the picture!!!!!

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Mars said...

Great job everyone on making the Craigslist Hall of Shame!

YOU get a job for having the time to compile this hideous list!!!