14 August 2007

I was just browsing the 'strictly platonic' section of Craigslist/new york...

Why? Because I'd finished reading my other favourite lists: missed connections, free and rants and raves... Anyway, and I came across this posting:

new york craigslist > brooklyn > strictly platonic

British boys, witty banter - ww4mm - 20

Reply to: pers-396138477@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-08-13, 3:44PM EDT

We're two girls living in Brooklyn that have reached the conclusion that the one things our lives are sorely missing is the presence of precocious, sharp, youthful British boys that like to argue amongst themselves.
So, if you are between the ages of 18 and 25, upstanding but cheeky, look good in a tie, and very very British--we would love to cook you a great dinner.
In exchange, we would like to watch some heated intellectual debate and be permitted to giggle.
Please, no self-satisfied hipsters or Australians.
Okay, and also we would absolutely love it if you had some homoerotic tendancies. Not because we neccessarily want to watch you do the dirty with your debate partner, but just because a little bit of sexual frustration makes the whole world so much more fun.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Excuse me? What? Huh? The more I think on this the more I don't understand...

What kind of cruel horrible pseudo-precocious nasty girls posted this?
What kind of people live in Brooklyn and say no to 'self-satisfied hipsters'?
Why single out only 'self-satisfied hipsters' and Australians as bad?
Yet, arguing youthful British boys as desirable?
Why would they expect Australians to answer the ad?
Considering many American's can’t tell the difference between an Australian and an English accent do they expect some smartarse Australian's will try to sneak into their free dinner?
What's wrong with Australians?
Has 'Outback Steakhouse' ruined our chances in this country?


Martie said...

Oh hai! I did something. Fuck, lucky I didn't get deleted from your list. LIST!

Also - Mentone is the new Cheltenham

Mars said...

did you hear that, dot?

mentone, eh...?