21 August 2007

can we change the blog title already?

i want:

Dot and Mars: "You can't stop us, cause we like doing it..."
two life partners torn apart by love, now only a blog can keep them together

(if anyone can think of a better title then suggestions are welcome. plus, if we use your idea you get a free breast implant. but just one, i'm not made of money.)

so Mars, if you don't change title soon i'm going to get into the template myself and have a look around Dr. 'Stein style...

this is not a empty threat.


Mars said...

listen, you impatient little beast... i've asked chestii and she's working on it.

less pressure... just cause YOU'VE moved on.

bet you were down at the registry changing your name today aswell, huh?

patience, grasshopper.

ps you are missing out on a blogmeetgeek on friday!

Mars said...

i want i want i want

that's all i'm hearing... blahblahblah

Chesty LaRue said...

Yeah. What she ^^^^^^^^^^^^ said. I did one and apparently it wasn't good enough. And so there's another one. And I just have to resize it and upload it and drop it into the template.

But I have a life, y'know.

dot said...

oh, well, great! thanks Chesty!

(i didn't know, Kimmy!)