02 January 2007

Well. 2007. Not sure if i actually have anything to say today, but feel like an effort should be made to set the new year off on a good-blogging-foot. Yeah.

Did everyone else get about a million messages on Christmas Day and NYE that their friends had sent to their entire phone book? They were mostly the same, but my favourite came from one of my friends overseas; Seasons Greetings, fuckers. I like it.

Also, check out where Dot is...

Tres jealous.

Although my new years eve was pretty good... one of the best, even, how much better would it have been in Savannah, Georgia? It's so easy to have a crap NYE, so i was actually surprised at how good (and mostly teenager-less) this one ended up being.

Are we all over hearing about what a booze-hag Mars has turned into? I feel like the only time i really blog any more it when i'm telling the internet about what a moron i am. Hmm.

Also, does this happen to anyone else; You're doing something and while it's happening, you're thinking about what a great blog post it's going to make. You're even composing the post in your head and it's coming out great... but then you get to the computer, and you've forgotten the details and the story just doesn't seem anywhere near as good as it was when it was happening and you were mentally blogging it. Well, NYE would have made a great blog post, i think... but ya know, the details, they're sketchy.

I should get a dictaphone thing. Incoherent ramblings... yeah, great.

I'm on holidays this week, and i think it's gonna be pretty slow. So far today i've slugged around the house in my pyjama bottoms and my bathers top. Very attractive. I only just brushed my teeth at about 5pm and i've pretty much watch the entire first day of the cricket in Sydney/ one million and twelve Jenny Craig ads. Shameless.

Right, might get cracking then and go find a friend for tonight/ go back to bed.

And also, Bevis i await your comment on my usage of the semi-colon in this post.

done by Mars


Enny said...


That's all they keep in fyshwick.

DelightfulJen said...

Your slumming around in Pjs and not brushing your teeht until 5pm sounds a lot like what I've been doing lately. It's high time I became a better groomed unemployed person I think. It's alright for holidays, not so much every week.

I'm glad you had a good NYE, it's always fun when things turn out better than you anticipated. When is Dot expected home? Or has she abandoned you forever?

P.S Are you still playing 365?

Mars said...

hookers, eh... seems appropriate. where is fyshwick anyway?

and dot's expected back at the end of this month i think.. plan may have changed, but i think that's right..

ps gave up on 365... can't bear looking at myself any longer/completely lost interest!

Enny said...

Fyshwick is an industrial area in Canberra - we have three: Fyshwick, Mitchell and Hume - and they ALL have PORN and HOOKERS!

BEVIS said...

'Tis good.

(The semi-colon usage, not the porn and hookers.)