03 January 2007

Just saw Marie Antoinette. What a truly crap film.

The only thing remotely interesting about the whole film was the costumes, but it didn't really help as all i was thinking was how the whole thing was so shite.

And that, is my comprehensive review.

Also, i forgot to mention the Coppola. Virgin Suicides was pretty good... although, after reading the book, i don't think that she really had much work to do there, in that the movie pretty much took the book word for word. And Lost in Translation was fab, but i think that was mainly because of Scarlet and Japan. But this was crap... with a crap ending (although, it did inspire me to sit on the internerd for hours reading about the French Revolution - wtf?) So yes, she (Coppola), in general, annoys me. Not sure why.

done by Mars


DelightfulJen said...

I wanted to see this but from all reports it seems to be a very ordinary film.

Rather disappointing, it looks very pretty though.

Pomgirl said...

Is the music any good? I loved the soundtrack to Lost In Translation.

Chesty LaRue said...

I hold the unpopular opinion that LIT was crap. And the Virgin Suicides was a great book but the movie just ... kind ... of ... put ... me ... to ... sleep.

So I have no Copolla love to lose. I think she tries to be arty and ambiguous and just manages to be annoying.

That said, it looked ok in the ads.

Adam said...

Where is your review on Happy Feet?

Mars said...

jen, it was pretty enough, but annoyingly unrealistic. i couldn't get past the fact that they all seemed to have american/airs-and-graces-english accents. it was stupid.

pommy, didn't notice the music really... so i'm going to say that it wasn't outstanding at all. just looked at the soundtrack list and nothing really grabs me. interesting LIT and MA both had songs by Air on them, not to mention that the entire score for VS was done by Air... someone in Air must be on with Coppola, mes thinks...

chesty, i'd be interested to hear what you have to say about this film seeing as you disliked the other two which i did like. the virgin suicides wasn't that great, and i can see how you found it slow. i still liked it though, but it might just have been my wanting to be kirsten dunst in my younger days (espesh when she got to get it on with josh hartnett... be still my teenage beating heart)

ads, haven't seen it dood... and don't think i will be!

Deb said...

I came home and spent hours researching on the net after seeing this flick too. Her head was chopped off! How could they not include that in the film?? lol.

Yes, very very crap movie!

Chai said...

Had high hopes for this but I too didnt like M.A. either but know a couple of people who lurved it. I really liked L.i.T though.