09 January 2007

Weddings: The Nightmare of A Single Person.

I've been invited to another fucking wedding. And i'd like to ask the internet a question or two... of social etiquette, perhaps, to do with the issue of the plus one.

As a single, should i expect a plus one on an invitation?

Is it somewhat unfair of the smug-soon-to-be-marrieds to ask me to come to a wedding where i wont know many people, alone?

If i am granted a plus one, is it appropriate to take a girl friend for the sake of company, or does it have to be a boy friend?

Does said plus one have to be A Love Interest?

I suppose it is kind of naff to have a lovely wedding invitation say "Dear Mars +1"... and i geddit that people don't want to pay a hundred bucks a head for someone they don't know. And anyway, why do i have a problem going to these things alone?

So many questions, so few answers.


Adam said...

The invitation didn't say 'Dear Mars and guest'?

With wedding receptions, the seating arrangements usually had a whole lot of effort put into them, so they may not be letting you bring a '+1' because you are evening out the numbers on one of their tables.

I would have thought it would be preferable to take a girlfriend, so that you avoid oldpeeps saying things like 'who is this fine young gentleman, will you two be tying the knot next?' and also so you can make a move on the single men also attending the reception and not have to be stuck entertaining one of your mates all night.

Does a puppy/portable DVD player count as a '+1'?

Mars said...

So you think it's steep that i wasn't giving a +1? Me too. There has to be another single person somewhere who can even out the numbers... Tightarses.

kiki said...

my opinion of the 'plus one' is that it's only for someone who you know has a partner, but you just don't know them that well.

ex. mars, i'm inviting both you and dot to one of my weddings. you'd be 'to mars' and (depending on how nice i felt) "to dot + won"

kna mean?
but, for a better example, i would have had to have met him first.


Dot said...

kiki, does having seen someone's MySpace page counting as meeting them?

mars, who is getting married?

Dot said...

delayed reaction....

hey Mars, you changed your pic! cool.

kiki said...

no dot

but say, if he was in aus, visiting you or something and didn't know anyone. maybe.

my wedding invites are going out in two weeks, we'll see how i feel then

Adam said...

Can I come to your wedding Keeks?

kiki said...

yeah but cara can't...

redcap said...

I have to admit that I didn't just automatically put "plus one" on our wedding invitations. The room only seated 60, so space was a little tight.

I recommend that you drink three glasses of champagne in quick succession on arrival. That's what I did at my cousin's wedding when I was planted at a table full of people I knew not. Of course, I ended up completely rat-arsed, but I made friends with the gay boys :)

Mars said...

i guess i forgot to mention- the wedding is up in the dandenongs, and i leave for Tassie first thing the next morning. means i have to drive myself (so i can get home) and NO DRINKING for little mars! which would have been hard enough on its own.. i'll probably be on my way home by 9.30 if everything goes to plan..