08 December 2008

Dear Mars,

So you're too good for the Lion King? Maybe Audrey and I will just see it without you then. I'm not ashamed to admit I like Disney mush, puppets and Elton John.

Anyway, I still think we should see a 'show' so I've done some research into Mars-friendly productions. Please take your pick:

Equus (Broadway)
Daniel Radcliffe takes his clothes off and dry humps a real horse. And it's got Rachael Griffiths in it!

All My Sons (Broadway)
I saw John Lithgow in the supermarket last week, and now we can all see him in this 'bold, modern and emotionally wrenching' (TimeOut New York) melodrama. And it's got a 'somewhat stiff' Katie Holmes in it!

Hairspray (Broadway)
A bold, modern and emotionally wrenching examination of racial segregation in 1960s Baltimore.

Billy Elliot (Broadway)
It's got the drama and the dance.

Spring Awakening (Broadway)
This is my pick. A musical about sex in 19th century Germany. How can that be? The New York Times explains:

...in exploring the tortured inner lives of a handful of adolescents in 19th-century Germany, this brave new musical, haunting and electrifying by turns, restores the mystery, the thrill and quite a bit of the terror to that shattering transformation that stirs in all our souls sometime around the age of 13, well before most of us have the intellectual apparatus in place to analyze its impact. “Spring Awakening” makes sex strange again.

I'm still having trouble imaging it, which is why I want to see it.

The Nutcracker (New York City Ballet)
A revolting show about a Mouse King who eats toy soldiers with a nutcracker.

Don Giovanni (The Met Opera)
Don Giovanni is a cad who gets what's coming to him. Find out how and see the opera!

La Boheme (The Met Opera)
Puccini's most phat opera... I've always wanted to see this one! At the moment my 'La Boheme' knowledge comes from the soundtrack for a 'Room With a View'. This is embarassing.

(BTW: If we see anything at the Met it'd be best if you can assemble some kind of student card so we can get the cheap seats.)

Tell me if any of these interest you and I'll get tickets!

- Dot

P.S. YES I can meet you at the airport. There is a small chance I'll have to stay home to meet the people we are subleting apartment to over Christmas. Blane says he will do this job, however if he has to go to work then I'll have to do it. Anyway, anyway... at this stage it's fine and I'll meet you.


Mex said...

do you two not have emails?

and see the nuddy Harry Potter one! its meant to be awesome.

Mars said...

um, the one you want to see sounds ok, i'd watch that. and also the katie holmes one, just cause i've been watching so much dawson's creek and i wanna see what joey potter grows up like.

but foremost, the one i want to see is THE CHEAPEST.

audrey said...

Personally, I'd like to see Daniel Radcliffe dry hump a horse. And also La Boheme. And also Spring Awakening. Heard it was amazing. That's also the one that Actor Boy was so disdainful of so I think it is bound to be brilliant.

Also, tequila is evil evil evil.

dot said...

Okay, cheapest sounds best. I'll do some research... but not now.

Can't. Stop. Reading. Vampire. Book. Agh!

Wood said...

I saw Spring Awakening in New York. It's like watching 7th Heaven in the West End. There's a bit of boob and lots of young girl touching herself and signing songs that include the lyrics 'oh mama'.

It was ok. I only had a small vom in my mouth.