19 December 2008

Dot and Mars: Reunion Special

It's been over a year and a couple of oceans since i last saw Dot, until this week. That's right - against any good reasoning or advice given to me about perhaps not putting a holiday to New York on a credit card; here i am.

Seeing Dot again was like seeing your mum. You're always really happy to see your mum, but it never takes very long to start getting annoyed by her and snappy, remembering why you ran away to a new land in the first place... aw, no that's not entirely true. I guess there's a certain familiarity Dot and i have with each other which makes it acceptable to give each other a death stare, an exasperated sigh, a passive aggressive comment or a scathing snap.

And as i sit here in Dot's apartment, listening to Dot's music, typing on Dot's computer, reflecting on a brilliant five days in New York City... i really am glad that although the last year has bought us such different experiences, and we haven't been particularly diligent in keeping in touch, i am fairly confident that our friendship hasn't really suffered for it.

So thanks for having me Dot - i hope one day soon i can return the favour!


Mex said...

GAWD you two are such dorks... im just waiting for the lesbian love post... HURRY UP

lucie said...

awww - so cute!
glad to have you back though - lets have a repeat of last friday tonight?!

Femikneesm said...

So glad you guys are catching up! Can we expect a joint blog post soon??

kiki said...

"So thanks for having me Dot"


dot said...

I didn't think we snapped too much at each other. Just the normal amount.