07 September 2008

The weirdest thing ever happened to me today... i was meant to be finishing work next wednesday right, cause i go to rome on thursday morning...anyway, it gets to 4.30 this afternoon and the busty wench pulls me into the office and basically says don't bother coming back next week. According to them - they just thought i'd like an extra couple of days off before i went on holidays... and the best part (especially considering how tight they've been with me) - the three days are still gonna be paid!

I couldn't believe it... at first i thought it was cause i'd done something wrong... or had been clocked spending too long staring out the window or checking facebook on my phone about 25 times a day. So i asked her and she said no, i'd not done anything wrong.... Anyway, columbo and i have come up with another theory that basically, they were afraid of me wreaking havoc and sabotaging the place during my last three days. Quite rightly.

So before i left, i had to do this exit interview with a nice lady from HR and oh my god... all my frustration with the insurance industry in general came out and i let rip. I paid out on the busty wench and another so called manager in the place. HR lady said that i had cause to lodge a grievance, but i said i couldn't be bothered and it'd be more trouble for me than what it was worth.

So that's it - i'm out. And now i have 5 days off to do whatever i want before going on holidays... then annoyingly, when i get back i have another 5 days off. If i knew i was getting 2 weeks off i would have planned a fully sik holiday instead of just a 6 day city break with the parentals.

Weirdest way to finish a job ever... i hardly got to say bye to anyone. It was so calculated to happen exactly on 4.30... absolutely sums up my time at that place perfectly... i'm left thinking what the fuck just happened here... i've been ambushed.


Femikneesm said...

At least you got a chance to rant. (Not to mention the paid days off).

dot said...

I would have preferred the wreaking-havoc-on-last-day-of-work story.

Oh well, maybe next job?