10 September 2008

Tomorrow i'm off to Rome for a couple of days to go hang with my parentals... first three days with my dad and his wife and second three days with my mum and her partner. Weird co-incidence that my divorced parents and their respecitve partners are going to be in the same country, on the other side of the world, at the same time. Only my family, i tell you.

In one sense, of course i'm looking forward to seeing my parents. It's been 9 months since i said goodbye to them in Melbourne and particularly my mum, i've missed terribly at times. However, i am apprehensive about the emotional rollercoaster i'm no doubt, about to embark on.

I absolutely can't wait to see them, though i'm fairly certain it will be in equal parts a good laugh as it will be to them completely getting under my skin for the next six days. Thing is, i'm afraid six days isn't going to be enough time for me to get completely sick of them and happily wave them off as i trot back to Manchester next week.

And if i'm honest, i'm actually really scared of that last goodbye with my mum. It was hard enough the first time, and i'm just not sure i've got it in me to do it again. I do really want to see them, but i don't want the goodbye to be so horrible that it spells the end of my time away from home.

Wish me luck... i'm going to need it.

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dot said...

You'll be fine!

(I bet your parents both end up driving you nuts.)