11 April 2007

i went for a drink on the weekend...

for Easter i went to Darwin for some big city living... and i saw the biggest city guy there ever is/was - Damien from Australia's Biggest Loser! in the fleshy flesh!
we went to a backpacker bar in Mitchell Street and Damien's band Dr Elephant happened to be playing. the bar was really packed so it took me awhile to fight my way to the front for a look, and i swear, the only way i recognised him was the neck tattoo (and a couple of extra metres of loose skin gathered around his middle). wow! good on you Damien! there’s definitely an almost good-looking guy inside there.

then i went to a bar called The Vic and danced on a table.

then i went to a bar called Happy Yes and heard a jazz singer called Leah. she had a nice voice but in between songs she kept bagging out The Vic, and it annoyed me how snobbish she was. i mean really... i don't think you can afford to be a snob in Darwin (yes, my snobbish contradiction is noted here).

then i went to the Humtpy Doo tavern and it was the scariest bar i've ever been to in my life. lots of bearded men, tattooed ladies, and kids with mullets (NOT the urban chic kind). the whole place was made a those grey cinder bricks and there was a giant man passed out on the bar.

and what i learnt from this weekend is that when it comes to drinking beer i'm a chameleon and can happily fit in anywhere and drink with anyone. cheers!

Humpty Doo Tarvern... watch out for the hairy critters.


kiki said...

a chameleon?

i don't think i've met anyone who would STAND OUT MORE

Mars said...

uhh... hello?

you know dot. she's the every-woman.

kiki said...

you lurk on the internet all day and all night.

i think you need some hobbies, like seal-clubbing or cocktail mixing

i know dot. she's the woman for all seasons. the kind you could take home to meet your mother AND to a pantera concert

Dot said...

when can i meet your mother, Kiki?

kiki said...

it's her birthday in may, how about then?