03 April 2007

Every year, we at Dot'n'Mars HQ trundle off to Dot's parents place on Easter morning for an egg hunt. Her mum gets some sort of weird pleasure watching grown adults run around with baskets, scrambling for little easter eggs hidden all over the back yard, and in strategically placed washing. But we don't care, cause it's pretty fun, and we end up with all these eggs at the end.

When the excitement is all over with, there is always a gourmet spead put on for morning tea, with sausage rolls and cake and pikelets and all sorts of yummy gear.

Dot reckons that Easter is the best holiday, because there's no real expectations and you can just relax, mooch around the house and have an all round good weekend, and i'm kinda with her on that.

BUT! This year will be the first year in ages that neither Dot or myself will be attending the Egg Hunt. And i'm gonna miss it.

So happy easter Dot, hope you enjoy your favourite holiday up in the wilderness, and that the easter bunny finds you... even if he's not in the form of a middle-aged white woman who speaks Korean and paints pictures of Jesus and all his friends, as is conventional.


Dot said...

awwww... i'm going to miss the big white (middle aged) easter bunny this year.

where are you going for easter again?

ps - you got my likeness quite well. but, glasses?

Mars said...

...anne has glasses.

eh, eh, ehhhhh!

kiki said...

nice stash Dot!

DelightfulJen said...

How lovely of Dot's Mummy to do all of that you for guys.

I have only every been part of one Easter egg hunt and it goes down as possibly one of the best childhood memories ever. Chocolate + scavenging = awesome.

Have a nice Easter, both of you :)

Mex said...

do you realise that this easter will be the first easter in 6 years that i will actually be doing something exciting rather than staying in sydney and working at the cafe???


do ya???

kiki said...

it's all about you, isn't it mex?

it's always about you!

W said...

That is a great Easter tradition.

And Dot, what is wrong with glasses, hmm?

Happy Easter to both of you.

actonb said...

Doesn't all the choccie melt up in Darwin? Now we have someone 'on the ground' who can solve this mystery for us...