29 May 2008

I was talking to Dot the other night, and we were discussing the blog (as we often do)... mainly saying how we really should post more often and ya know, just be all round better at this whole business.


It occurs to us that no one know what's the fuck is going on around here (much less Dot or myself), so this is an attempt to briefly explain where in the world we are and why we never post anymore.

Name: Dot
There's no place like home: Cheltenham Rock City
Age: 27
Status: Hitched to Blane
Currently residing in: NYC, USA
Recently relocated from: Arnhem Land
Plans for future: Revel in new-found status of (green) card carrying American wannabe
Plans for present: Navigating way through SE Asia as we type/read... somewhere between Bangkok and Hanoi
Destination: Greatness
Anyone for a drink? She'll have a red, red wine

Name: Mars
There's no place like home: Oak-town USA
Age: 27
Status: Desperately seeking
Currently residing in: Manchester, UK
Plans for future: Come up with a plan. Arrange extended visa? Find first husband.
Plans for present: Pack bag, going to Greece on the weekend
Destination: Enlightenment
Anyone for a drink? I'll have a beeeeeeer

That's it.


Mex said...

oak town USA???

Mars said...

or like... oakleigh, melbourne victoria or something...?

kiki said...

don't worry mex, it's just mars trying to be cool

Mars said...

it worked though... didn't it.

sublime-ation said...

oh, ok. This just annoys me.
Come back to Arnhem Land please, let's meet up.
I'll be in Mili...

Jacob said...

My life is boring, you guys. ENTERTAIN ME!

Mars said...

^ yeah, let me in your blog you little punk.