21 January 2010

The kcnshop virus attack!

At 6:08 this morning someone in Beijing with the IP address of hacked into my gmail! The sneaky little bugger then sent the following message to every single person I have ever emailed from my current account:

How is everything going?
I want to share something with you : http://www.kcnshop.com/
On this website ,you can find many new and origianl electronic
products .Because of New Year 2010, they are holding sales promotion
activity, all the product are sold at a discount.
And i have bought some products from this web, low cost and good
quality ,and the delivery is on time .
If you need some, visit this website . Hurry up,because the promotion
activity only keeps 1 month .
Hope everything goes well.

I am indignant, annoyed and a little bit amused. Firstly, I thought gmail was invincible. How could google let this happen?!?!?! It is disappointing to learn that the grand poo-bah of tech companies is only human after all. And possibly not even that.

My inbox is currently junked up with "delivery failed" messages, and buried amongst all this are a few real notes from friends. Most people are enjoying my embarrassment - haha, Dot has moved into the spamming business, good luck selling those "low cost and good quality" products! However, I have also received (so far) two lovely sincere messages from long lost friends (who both speak English as a second language) thanking me for the "good information". I am going to have to spend the next few days setting everyone straight...

I am not a spammer! Greetings!

PS - Remember Elaine, the girl I've been avoiding for two years which has really been quite easy because she lives in Tel Aviv? When my spam hit her inbox I got an automated out of office reply (good!), however the interesting thing about it is it was sent from Rabbi Elaine Solomon. How about that? She's now a rabbi.

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Mars said...

so someone/thing hacked your email and they still left your password the same? i hope you've learned your lesson now... letters AND numbers - not just a word.

actually, mine is just a word.

PS did you see how many email addresses you had for me! like, TEN!