02 January 2010

The anti-resolution list: a list of things i wont be doing in the new year.

First and foremost, let's get this out of the way and then move on - I wont be giving up smoking. I like it, and the phase will pass (just like all my other phases), so that's that.

I probably wont join a gym at any point

I have no intention of thinking positively or trying to be 'upbeat' - what can i say, it's just not me

I am probably not going to try any more at work than the bare minimum dictates

There's a good chance i wont update this blog with any more frequency

It's unlikely that i will learn to use the camera i just bought

I wont stop spying on people it only ever upsets me to spy on, on facebook

I wont lost 10kg

And i definitely wont be complaining any less than usual

However, in the words of my good friend Dot, Happy New Beer!

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