07 July 2009

Tattoo Test

I'm very interested in tattoos. But I would never get one. I can't get one because I'm afflicted with a condition called 'change-mind-a-lot'. This condition seriously impairs my ability to make permanent decisions. I just don't like to commit (the only reason I got married was because my mum reassured me, "You can always get divorced if things don't work out." She knows.).

Anyway, I've been watching heaps of Miami Ink, LA Ink, and London Ink this weekend.

And now I really want a tattoo.

However, it's risky. I'm too fussy about lines and artwork and symmetrical positioning... I know if I got a tattoo it would be a disaster. The only way it would ever happen is if I could overcome the following issues:

1. I find an original design/drawing I really like and would be suitable for a tattoo. The test is if I decide I like it and then in six months decide I still like it (it has to be this long so I can work out if my tattoo choice is just a fashion-trend or not).

2. I can get some serious scientific proof that my tattoo will age well. I have freckly skin that burns and blotches easily. Not the best for long life tattoo clarity?

3. I find a great tattoo artist, or I learn to tattoo and do it myself. As someone who likes to draw a little bit, I don't really like the idea of someone else drawing on me. It would have to be an artist I really really really admire. Like maybe Manet. Or William Kentridge.

So, my tattoo is obviously not going to happen.

For example.

I saw this really cool tattoo on London Ink last night. A girl got her pet chickens tattooed on her arm. Which sounded weird at first, but the artist did a brilliant job. I was so surprised... he used this psychedelic coloring on a really stylized three-chicken design. I loved it.

But now, only twenty-four hours later my love is fading. It has no meaning (to me). It looks very nice, but not in a forever nice way.

My tattoo test for myself is to see if I still like this in six months time.


D'Jen said...

In terms of keeping it looking good, it depends a lot where you get it and how you look after it.

Tattoos need suncream, if you let your tattoo get a lot of sun then it's likely to fade and the inks can bleed out and stuff.

Also, position. I think chest pieces of women will tend to age badly as that bit of skin normally gets a fair amount of sun and can droop as you get older, but places less effected by age will obviously stay looking good. Some spots on your fingers/hands/arms will fall out because they got a lot of wear.

The aging excuse is dependant on you actually gettting that old. Not everyone is lucky enough to get to a ripe old age, so it's not a given :)

I love mine and have no desire to stop getting tattood, I figure if my greatest regret in life was getting a salt shaker on my foot (or my pet chickens on my arm) then I'll have lead a pretty charmed life :D

Little Red said...

Wow. This was the first post of yours I read. I have the same syndrome.

Femikneesm said...

I think the six month test is a good one. I don't regret getting any of mine, they all mean something to me and remind me of where I was at in my life when I got them done. I think the most important thing is finding or drawing a design that is personal and means something to you.