25 June 2009

Are you there Brooklyn Museum? It's me, Dot.

The Brooklyn Museum's website is like water to my oil.

I've been trying for a year to access this website (not all the time, but once every couple of months) and my server just won't let me in. Very frustrating!

Can anyone else access it: http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/

I called up the museum to comment - because that's what I do these days - and the nice lady at the information desk told me no one had ever called up to complain about the website before. She thought I was some Luddite who didn't know how to use the internet and made me read out to her the exact web address I was typing in. w w w dot b r o o k etc.

What is going on? Is it just me, or does this website not work?


Julie said...

I'm afraid its you! Works for me!

maybe it doesnt work on your browser? works on firefox

Dot said...

Not browser. It turns out it's my rotten server. I emailed Brooklyn Museum to complain (because I have the time for this kind of stuff) and they said that all people with Time Warner are blocked for some reason. Me and the Network Administrator are teaming up to look into it!