15 May 2009

This is sort of funny if you've been sitting in a windowless room all day...
Someone just called the reception wanting the "complaints department". Before I even had a chance to transfer their call to 'viewer services' they were off on their rant:
Loyal viewer: Do you do the cooking show? And those home shows? Well, first I just want to say the candles along the wall were ridiculous. That's so dangerous! I can not believe you did that! Also, about the cooking show. When the hosts have the long hair and the cleavage... it's disgusting. It's dangerous and disgusting. You shouldn't be showing cleavage on a cooking show. It's not healthy. Also, I tried to find a phone number on your website and I couldn't. It's very difficult to understand.
Dot: Thank-you for your feedback.
Loyal viewer: So, can you tell someone what I just said?
Dot: You can tell someone yourself. I can transfer you to our-
Loyal viewer: Oh no, that's fine. Just so long as you tell someone. Thank-you, good-bye.
Dot: Okay, bye.
So, now I'm telling someone. I'm telling the blog-o-sphere, and the blog-o-sphere is going to take this information was say... WUUUAAAHHHHH. (That's my interpretation of hot air blowing around a desert.)

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