15 May 2009

Hello from the reception desk of a cable teevee network!

I was up for the challenge when I got the urgent call this morning for a last-minute job. My temp Counselor was quite dramatic, "This is your mission, if you choose to accept it..." And I was all, "I'm on the job! You can count on me!"

Dress code: "It's a very relaxed office, so you can dress casual. In fact, they'll look at you funny if you show up with a blazer or suit jacket. Of course, no jeans."

No jeans, no blazer, no suit jacket... didn't leave me many options. Blazer with jeans is my definition of 'office casual'. So, I ended up having to flip the outfit and wear suit pants with a cardi. Boring!

However, when I arrived at the office I found I fit right in. Everyone here is dressed in the black pants and cardi look. Many of them have slobbed it down even further with white sneakers (I'm sure they have their work shoes sitting under their desks, they just don't bother swapping over). It's quite disappointing. I was really expecting the world of cable teevee to be more glamorous... Unfortunately, it's more Wayne's World.

And then...

The fashion police rang: Marc Jacobs!

It was very exciting.

Here's what happened:

Marc: Hi, this is Marc Jacobs. Can I please speak to blah blah?
Dot: I'm sorry, who?
Marc: Blah Brown.
Dot: I'm sorry, did you say Mar... Brown?
Marc: No, Mar-gar-et Brown.
Dot: Oh! Sure, one moment I'll transfer you...
[I put Marc Jacobs on hold and searched frantically through staff lists. I couldn't find Margaret Brown anywhere. I returned to Marc.]
Dot: Hello, are you still there?
Marc: Yes.
Dot: I can't find Margaret Brown on my staff list. Which office does she work in?
Marc: She works in the interactive division.
Dot: Okay, one moment...
[I put Marc on hold again and called the office manager.]
Dot: Deni, I've got Marc Jacobs on hold and he wants to speak to Margaret Brown and I can't find her extension anywhere!
Deni: He wants Margaret Braun.
Dot: Ohhhhh, thanks.
[I returned to the man of patience]
Dot: Hello? Sorry for the wait, I'll transfer you now.
Marc: Wait!
Dot: Yes?
[I got all excited thinking Marc Jacobs wanted something from me...]
Marc: Can you please give me Margaret's direct line?
[I was sad to realise Marc wanted to bypass reception (and me) forever with Margaret's direct line.]
Dot: Sure. It's XXX-XXX-XXXX. I'll transfer you now.
Marc: Thank-you.

Goodbye Marc! I wanted to tell you that I brought a little Marc Jacobs knit sweater from ebay one time. It's blue with a patchwork design in pastel pink and yellow. My husband hates when I wear it with high-waisted jeans and pink cowboy boots, but I know that you'd appreciate it. I love you, Marc.

I was actually gmail chatting with Mars with Marc rang. Her response was typical, "Ask him if it's Marc for Marc Jacobs." Har-dee-har. Mars didn't even believe it was the Marc Jacobs. But surely it was. If you had the same name as someone famous you wouldn't just go around announcing yourself without explanation, would you? "Hi, this is George Bush, can I please speak to someone in advertising?"

Anyway, I type this at 1.30pm. Four hours to go. I think my day has peaked and it's all downhill from here...

Mr Patience and his most favourite receptionist at the "The Model as Muse" gala at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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