23 February 2009

Shades of grey
Do not exist
You're in my life
Or on my list
There is an on
There is an off
But what there's not
Is moderation
What there's not
Is selfish behaviour
What there's not
Is room for error
What there's not
Is anything other than
Or white

It's up
It's down
It's side to side
No middle
No half
No change of heart
I'll tell you once
You're in
Or you're out
You're for or against
No room for movement
No compromise
It's clear as day
There are no...
Shades of grey


audrey said...

Right up there with puppies falling from the sky and Sam Brett ever writing anything remotely intelligent is the fact that I never imagined I'd see the day when you posted poetry.

Mars said...

and you think you know a person..!

kiki said...

Sam Brett and Mars write poetry together on sundays; listening to reggae

Mars said...

we don' like cricket... oh no...!