24 February 2009

Okay, less emo, more lists...

This is the list of things i want to see and do before i leave England...

See my cousin's new baby in London
Caverns in the Peak District
Go to Wales... maybe Llandudno or maybe Snowdon
Yorkshire Dales
Visit my friend in Durham
Visit the walled cities of York and Chester
See a football match
Lyme Hall
Stockport air raid shelters
Undergroud tunnels of Manchester
Manchester cathederal
Whitby Abbey
Lakes District... maybe Windemere

I think that's pretty much it. What can i say, i am a nrrrrd and England still has a lot to offer me. Am sure i've missed a castle or two off the list... And only eight more weekends left to go...!


kiki said...

weren't you meant to go to Yorkshire Dales last weekend?

you should go to Scotland, so much better than england + wales

Mars said...

i've been loads of places in scotland already though... and i do think england (can't speak for wales cause i've never been there) is a little under-rated, to be honest... there's heaps to see here.

and yeah... was meant to be going last weekend to yorkshire dales but... didn't.