23 March 2013

A friend of mine has started doing this thing she calls her Happiness Project where about once a week she posts something on facebook that she's really grateful for.  A year ago, i would have found this completely wank and probably blocked her, but now i think what she's been doing is pretty sweet.  So here's some things i am sincerely grateful for.

My mum.  I though i was going to lose her 11 years ago, and every day since then i have grown to love her more and more.  The thought of life without her is probably the worst thing that could happen so i am so grateful to have her.

I still have two grandparents and i'm so lucky.  They are amazing people who i adore.

I recently started a new job, and i'm pretty happy there. The experience that some of my colleagues who started at the same time as me have had has been significantly worse.

So that's it.  Some stuff is still shit, but that stuff is all pretty good.

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