08 July 2012

Earlier this year, I made the decision to regress in life somewhat.  After over two years of living alone, I decided to move in with my friend, Amazon.  We looked and looked for houses, it took ages then we finally found our house and we absolutely love it.  I love the house, love the area, love her.  Love love love it all.

We have three rooms in this Oasis that is our home, so got another person in... We didn't love him quite so much (think: Emo), so he has been eliminated, and we are back to having our love-in with the house.  I would add her to the blog, but Amazon & Mars doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

Anyway, Amazon is an inspirational lady and there's no doubt about it, she Gets Shit Done in life.

Last night, she (and her mum) made the curtains and all these cushions.  

And I love them.

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