19 August 2009

List of things I hope to achieve by next year*

Get job
Get job I like
Get job I like that lasts more than six months
To be honest, lose five kilos off bum and hips
Write more about art
Write novel about a vampire
Get something published about anything
Be more confrontational with people who are horrible (racist, sexist, etc)
Go swimming regularly
Get haircut
Buy a computer (and give Blane back his ruined one!)
Buy an Ipod (and start listening to music again!)
Buy decent camera (and document this cool period of life... I live in New York!)
Read more brain books (and less trash!)
Communicate more with Dad and Brother (The women in my family are easy! The men not so much...)
Take drawing classes
Visit the Kluge Ruhe museum
Go camping
See more opera
See Shakespeare in the Park
Travel with Mars somewhere in the world...


* Dear Mars, maybe you should make a 'what I'd like list' and forget the 'what I ain't got list'?


Mars said...

aw i made it on to the list! are you throwing me a bone cause i keep hassling you, or do you really wanna go somewhere? how about cuba!??!!!

Dot said...

Yes I do! But need job, money, happiness, etc. first.

Mars said...

happiness? you'll be lucky...