14 September 2007

Tonight, i saw this dude i used to know on Sale of the Century. It was completely unpredictable (i would say 'random' - BUT I FUCKING HATE THAT WORD)... Just by chance... i was at mum's and that show came on, i saw him and said "i bet that guy's name is Hugh". That was the first question out of pretty much all the rest that i got right... much to everyone else's frustration.

Anyway, the dude didn't win. (i did though.. haha)

Yeah, Friday night... 10.57pm and i'm not drunk. Now THAT'S 'completely unpredictable'.

It's mum's birthday tomorrow so i went to the shops tonight and wandered around aimlessly for an hour and a half. Decided to call it a day after i stopped looking for presents for mum all together, and started trying on dresses and shoes. Waste of fucking time cause i didn't buy anything at all, in the end.

Then i called past the Elwood Lounge on my way home for a quick drink with some people which was ok, i suppose.

And that's that.

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meva said...

Jeez, Mars. I'm so envious of your glamorous lifestyle. I couldn't stand the pace, really.