15 June 2007

I'm sweating bullets. SRSLY.

Saw the big Buddah today and got a photo with it. 45 metres high or something.

LARFF! ....a photo of a big buddah... and... *snort* a big buddah!


Bangkok is good. But Phi Phi was better.

Hot is just not the word.

AND i'm peeling from my BRUTAL sunburn... so now hot, sweaty and itchy as fuck.

But i'm okay.


Enny said...

What've you done in Bangkok? I rated Phi Phi higher than Bangkok too - I think I'm more built for the swanning around in resorts and going on day trips than being desposited in a massive city that doesn't heart the westerners.

Mex said...

i would rather be sunning it up in a hut somewhere than being sweaty and hideous in a big city.

go back to phi phi...

killerrabbit said...

I heart Bangkok - so bustling and exciting with such great food and shopping! But it doesn't have a beach.

go back to phi phi or even Koh Pha Ngan