16 June 2013

A letter to my friend.

Dear Marge,

Let me just start by saying that i love you.  I dont think i've ever told you before, but i do.  I value your friendship above most and i am always, always on your side.  You can always count on me, and i love the fact that i can always count on you.  You know me better than anyone else and although i often try to keep you at arms length, i can count on the fact that you are exactly that far away, no further.  You are a wonderful woman; clever, witty, charismatic and loyal. You are my sister.  You are my best friend.

So it upsets me so, so much to see you in this ridiculously abusive relationship.  You deserve much better than that and i honestly, just dont get it.  I dont know why you stand for it.  I dont know how you can stand it.  I appreciate that you have a lot at stake, three children, a house and a lot of history.. but i really think you should just leave.

No one gets to raise their voice at you, no one get to call you names or humiliate you in public or in front of your friends.  No one gets to manipulate you, or emotionally abuse you. And most of all, no one gets to teach your children, my god-children, that this is an acceptable way to treat a person.  So i want you to leave him, leave it all.

You can be happy without him.  Your children will grow into better people without his influence.  He does not deserve your loyalty, your patience, your compassion.  10 years are enough, you are my friend and no one gets to treat you with such disrespect.

Let's do this, you have my full support.
Mars x

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